Root Beer Guys Ratings System

Initial Flavor/Attack: 10

When you first taste that sip of root beer, how is that first burst of flavor? Does it satisfy you completely, or does it leave you wanting more. A good root beer should greet you with a full flavor, an “attack” of flavor. This is the first 10 point category.

Flavor Consistency: 10

There are usually a variety of unique flavors that make up a good root beer. This 10 point category rates the overall consistency of a root beer. Does the flavor disappear quickly, or does it stick around? Does it leave a good or bad aftertaste? These are the questions that we answer with this category.

Body: 10

A quality root beer isn’t like a normal carbonated drink. How does this root beer feel in your mouth? What’s the carbonation like? What’s the head on the root beer? A good root beer is more than just a drink you swallow, it’s an experience for your mouth and taste buds.

Appearance: 5

This is one category we debated on for a while when we were trying to think of the perfect scale. In the end we determined that it is still at least an important enough factor to present your root beer well. If the bottle can’t be taken seriously, neither can the root beer. This is only a 5 point category though.

Personal Preference: 15

The other categories address the fullness of flavor and the impact it has on you. There is no great way to measure how perfect a flavor actually is without bias. So understanding that, we decided to have 3 reviewers. With 3 reviewers it gives the opportunity to grade the flavor of the root beer while averaging the personal bias to make a more accurate review. This is the room for us as experts to make a personal judgement call on how much we like this root beer as a whole. Understanding that flavor truly is the most important part of a root beer, this category was given 15 points.